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Services Offered by Wally Wonder Magic

Wally Wonder Magic offers a wide range of magical services tailored to entertain and amaze audiences of all ages, ensuring each event is unforgettable and filled with wonder.

  • Children Magic: Perfect for birthday parties or family events, this service brings a team of skilled magicians to your doorstep, ready to amaze from $300.

  • Corporate Shows: Enhance your brand or entertain guests with a bewildering magical performance, starting at $350. Ideal for corporate events looking to leave a lasting impression.

  • Virtual Magic: Experience a 30-minute interactive magic show from the comfort of your home, ensuring engagement and amazement for only $160.

  • Close-Up Magic: Offers an intimate magical experience where the magic happens right in your hands, available from $240.

  • Bubble Magic: A unique magic show featuring breathtaking bubble art designs combined with magic, starting at $300.

  • Glitter Body Art: Add sparkle to your event with unique glitter body art, which is safe, waterproof, and easy to clean, from $160.

  • Workshops: Engage your team in fun and hands-on workshops, offering a variety of activities from $35 per participant.


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